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Fancy Product Designer v3.1.1 – WooCommerce Plugin – The All-Purpose Product Designer for WooCommerce & WordPress

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Use Fancy Product Designer To Create And Sell pratically Any Kind Of Product You Can Think of.

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Fancy Product Designer v3.1.1 – WooCommerce Plugin Changelog

– Message when custom image is added
Bugs fixed
– Undefined variable in class-admin-designs.php
– Improved layers sorting in product builder
– Wrong calculation when exporting single elements
– If changing text size and then applying a new font type, it jumps back to the old text size
– If a svg image is only colorizable and not no other modification options are enabled, the color picker did not appear
– Adding elements outside of the upload zone panel are added into the upload zone
– Switching between normal and curved text did not re-open the options panel
– Layers sorting via drag
– Algorithm issue with bringing topped elements to front
– Image(Data URL) was cut on retina displays
– Issues with editing a rotated text on android

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