Download Free Blog Manager for WordPress WordPress theme v1.25

Sometimes WordPress themes come with very limited blog options in terms of layout variation, styling options, content re-arrangement, etc.

Blog Manager for WordPress adds tons of blog functionality to your WordPress based website.

Create as many blog post lists as you like. This plugin comes with over 20 templates to choose from. Select list content, modify layout and style your list to get the content and the look you want. Place your lists anywhere in your site by using the list’s shortcode or a widget.

Over 20 templates to choose from!

Either use the default settings for each template or modify the whole list however you want.


Grid – Blog 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, 4 columns
Image left – Blog 1 column, 2 columns
Image right – Blog 1 column, 2 columns
Newspaper – Blog 2 column, 2 columns, 3 columns
Time line
Widget style – image left, image right, image top
Carousel – 3 columns, 4 columns, 5 columns
Carousel Widget style – 2 columns, 3 columns, 4 columns


Over 15 hover styles to choose from!

Select a hover style for the images in each individual blog posts list you create. The Blog Manger plugin comes with over 15 hover styles to choose form.

Select and re-arrange list item’s content

For each blog posts list you can choose to show or hide the following content. You can also re-arrange it. It is all drag and drop, easy!

Media type icon
Meta data
Excerpt text
Continue reading
Social media icons


Another drag and drop interface will allow you to select what part of Meta data you want to show for a specific list. Data can be re-arranged too.

Media Types

Select media types for your blog posts



Options when you create Blog Posts Lists

Most of the settings have defaults so you can create lists within just a few minutes.

Select the posts for your list – categories, tags, authors
Choose template
Select and re-arrange list content
Select list options – order, pagination, link clicks, popups , excerpt length, hover style and much more.
Style your list – easy interface and custom css styling.


Add a list in your site

Once you have created a list you can add it everywhere in your site:

In page/post content area (WYSIWYG editor)
In template files
In a sidebar


Every list has a shortcode you can use to add the list in a page/post content area or in a template file by using the do_shortcode WordPress function. The plugin comes with a widget that can be used to add any blog posts list in a sidebar.

Pagination, load more, infinite scroll

Blog Manager for WordPress offers 3 types of pagination for your blog post lists:

Regular pagination
Load more button
Infinite scroll



Style your list using the plugin options or custom CSS

Plugin options – style title, excerpt, continue reading, choose background or border for the items in your list
Custom CSS – each list has it’s unique CSS class


Interface and Performance optimizations


Fits well into the core WordPress design
Optimized performance for large WP installations
Building lists is separate in groups
Ajax based operations so you don’t have to wait on pages to refresh
Live preview


Theme Authors and Developers – ThemeForest or elsewhere

Include this item in your themes and give your users tons of Blog functionality. All you need is 1 extended license for each theme you put on the market and permission from the author which you get by writing us:


This plugin comes Localization/Internationalization ready. It is following WordPress I18n standards. It can be easily translated or localized in other languages different than English.


If you have any suggestions on how to improve this item please let us know! We will seriously consider any suggestion and add it to item’s update list


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